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Core Healthcare is a membership-based healthcare system that uses local providers combined with a medical cost-sharing community called Zion Health. Members receive healthcare services from Core Healthcare participating providers at a flat monthly rate.

Nathan Purdy MD, MHSA, and Jason Leep MD, have taken their experience in the current dysfunctional healthcare system and created a multidisciplinary solution that combats the ever-increasing insurance premiums, deductibles, and co-pays. Core Healthcare provides truly affordable and accessible healthcare for Montanans.

Designed around your needs and budget, Core Healthcare is your solution. 

Core Healthcare’s Membership Based Healthcare Solution

Core Healthcare connects members with local care providers to create a Co-Op of care available to consumers at a low, flat monthly rate. We believe that all Montanans should have access to affordable, local, quality healthcare regardless of their current life situation.

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Are you ready for a change? We are based out of Whitefish, Montana and able to discuss your healthcare needs in person or over the phone. Let us introduce you to our alternative to costly insurance.

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We can make Montana the healthiest state in the Nation. We will make a difference in the quality of life for all Montanans.

Nathan Purdy MD, MHSA, Founder

We partner with CoreHealth and work closely with Dr. Purdy and his patients. His patients are always incredibly satisfied and he is great to work with!

Tim H.

This program is amazing! I am a small Business Owner who significantly values my Employees. Before Core Health Care I couldn’t afford to provide my Employees with benefits they deserve. It was the greatest feeling in the world knowing I could provide quality benefits at an affordable cost. Highly recommended. The customer service is outstanding.

Katie Scott