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Core Healthcare takes direct primary care a step further. We offer members access to local & independent providers that specialize in different areas. Our program doesn’t require referrals, co-pays, or deductibles.

Go to our Pricing page for an estimate on your monthly costs for both our Core Healthcare coverage and our Catastrophic coverage. This is the change Montana has been waiting for; an affordable solution to the healthcare insurance crisis.

Core Healthcare has partnered with a healthcare cost-sharing company called Zion Health. Core Healthcare helps with the day-to-day smaller health needs and Zion is for the bigger needs in life. Our Catastrophic plan would cover things such as surgeries, pregnancy and childbirth, and hospitalization, etc.

Our members have unlimited access to primary care, physical therapy, mental health counseling, labs, EKGs, limited dental, and pharmaceuticals for one low, monthly rate. Core Healthcare offers a complete healthcare needs package. Join us to see how membership healthcare and cost sharing can help you reach your health goals!

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What’s included in the Core Care Membership Healthcare package?

  • Wellness Exams: Schedule regular check-ups. We also provide school physicals, EKG, and routine GYN exams.
  • Chronic Disease Management: Our provider-patient ratio is extremely low, so our partners are able to get to know you better and provide quality/preventative care and testing, annual checkups, and chronic disease management.
  • Sick Visits: Our primary care providers can manage acute common illnesses and provide services, such as COVID testing. Major operations are covered with your Catastrophic Plan.*
  • If you are in need of physical therapy, Core Healthcare has you covered with pain reduction and management, Dry Needling, functional movement testing, and Physical Therapy. 
  • Convenient locations in Kalispell, Whitefish, and Columbia Falls.
  • Local professional help for depression, anxiety, and more.
  • Individual therapeutic services, marriage and family counseling are all included in the Core Healthcare healthcare membership plan.
  • We are here to help, you are not alone.
  • X-Rays, EKGs, and discounted ultra-sounds are all included in your Core Healthcare membership subscription.
  • Providers can come to your home at your own convenience!
  • Prescriptions
  • Compounding
  • Discounted pharmacy rates for medications not fully covered
  • Medication counseling
  • Biannual cleanings
  • Annual exams
  • X-Rays
  • Discounted pricing for all other procedures
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