Core Healthcare is a company providing innovative healthcare solutions through a Membership Healthcare model and Health Cost Sharing company. We are currently serving the Flathead Valley and will be expanding to serve the complete state of Montana. Our services are outlined here.

Membership Healthcare is a new way to get the care you need. Through your monthly membership fee, you gain access to local health providers. Instead of paying insurance premiums and deductibles, you pay a flat membership fee. To have a look at our Flathead Valley providers, check this page out.

Health Cost Sharing is an affordable way to pay for unfortunate health events such as surgery, cancer, and other not so fun things like that.

“How does it work?”, you might ask. Well, each month the members contribute a fixed amount towards the sharing community. Then when a member has a medical need, the cost sharing community steps in to ensure the need is met.

There is currently over $1 Billion shared each year in the Health Cost Sharing industry.

Zion Health is a health cost sharing company which Core Healthcare partners with to cover your major heath events. A full breakdown of the company and plenty of great information can be found here.

Core Healthcare is a complete health package. Core Care takes care of you on the day to day, Zion Health covers the big stuff, and you get the care you need, when you need it.

One way to think of what Core Healthcare offers is through the idea of owning a car.

When something small comes up with your car such changing the oil, replacing the brakes, or putting new headlights in, you pay for the expenses out-of-pocket and don’t send a claim to insurance. This is similar to the Core Care direct primary care. Instead of billing insurance and paying out of pocket, your smaller health needs are covered by your monthly membership fee.

Now once something big happens with your car, when someone side-swips you on the way to work for example, you would send a claim to insurance. This would be similar to sharing your large medical need with the Zion Health community.

Small stuff = Core Care

Big stuff = Zion Health

Together they offer a complete healthcare needs package.