Happy Spring!

We have some new additions to our Flathead Valley and Helena co-ops! (All contact info will be listed below.)

Christy Franklin has joined our Flathead Valley Co-op and is available to provide mental health services to our members in addition to Courtney Torgerson – Erickson. Both Courtney and Christy are available to provide telehealth visits to our members in Eureka and Helena. We are so thankful for both of them and believe that mental health is a vital part of wellness.

Brūs Larson and his team at Advocate Physical Therapy have joined our Helena co-op. We encourage all of our members to visit a physical therapist in their co-op upon enrollment and any time they feel it’s needed. Prevention is key and we’ve built our membership model to support that and we encourage you to take advantage of it.

Dr. Mina at The Vine Kids Dental in Bozeman is also available to our younger members in the Helena market as we work to establish a family dentistry program in your area. Thank you Dr. Mina!

Alpine Apothecary has offered to provide services to our Gallatin Valley and Helena members via mail. All of the providers we work with have a copy of our formulary list and Alpine will mail your medications directly to you, shipping is only $5.00.

As we roll into spring, summer and all of the vacations headed our way, we want to remind you that our Direct Primary Care providers are accessible to their members via telehealth, text or email if needed. If you chose a DPC plan upon enrollment and have yet to establish care, we recommend you do so as soon as you are able to. If you chose one of the amazing clinic providers, we also encourage you to reach out and establish care, as well as ask them how they would prefer to be contacted if you need something outside of office hours. For our members that are also enrolled in Zion, remember that Zion covers you world-wide! We pray that everyone has a safe and healthy spring/summer, this is just a friendly reminder that we have built a program that truly can support you wherever you go!

If you need a refresher on what your membership entails or would like to explore adding a service, please email me at mandy@healthcorecare.com.

Finally, we appreciate all of the referrals you are sending our way! One member mentioned that they find it easier to tell people to check us out on social media (you know who you are…thank you!) and we think that’s a great idea. We are on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and are testing the waters on TikTok. Instagram is currently the platform we feel best represents us and people can find us by typing in @healthcorecare in the search bar.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything!


Christy Franklin: Email mandy@clearwatermanagement.org or call 406.885.6538

Advocate Physical Therapy https://advocateptmt.com

Alpine Apothecary https://www.mtapothecary.com

The Vine Kids Dental https://www.thevinekidsdental.com