At Bozeman Primary Care, we believe in accessible healthcare. We put our patients first and promise the path to feeling better can often be seen as a really good journey. Together, we manage your health, without having to focus on the copays and deductibles that sometimes come along with an insurance plan. Through our direct primary care (DPC) membership plan, you spend less out- of-pocket and a healthcare team that “gets you”, listens to what you need, and offers a whole-health, personal approach to managing your healthcare.

DPC is a new and innovative model of healthcare delivery that offers primary and preventive care to patients without the hassles of insurance. There are no copays, deductibles, or hidden fees. You pay a low monthly fee in exchange for an expansive array of primary care services. These services provide convenient and direct access to your provider day or night, longer appointment times, and intensive coordination of care.

Your membership includes unlimited office visits, so no need to worry about a visit to the doctor costing you hundreds of dollars. You get a provider that will know you inside and out. DPC providers have far fewer patients on their panels, which means they’ll get to know you and your medical history. This results in more personalized care that focuses on quick resolution of acute issues, effective management of chronic illnesses, and education and prevention around living a healthier life. You get all this, and the services that our clinic has to offer, for one low monthly membership fee plus, unparalleled access to your provider through phone, text, video chat and email day and night. You get many of the same services and benefits as you would expect from a concierge practice for a lower price tag.

Your membership plan covers many services here at the clinic. But every once in a while, those services could require a visit to another facility, and our membership plan doesn’t cover those costs. Under the Affordable Care Act, all preventable services are covered 100% by your insurance carrier (even your high deductible plan). So, if you need mammography, a colonoscopy, or a bone density or a lung cancer CT test, we’ll still order it for you and your insurance will cover the cost. We don’t offer on-site immunizations, but we routinely review the CDC immunization recommendations and then direct you to where you can receive low-cost or no-cost immunizations.

All in all, we deliver a broad range of acute/urgent, chronic, and preventive health care with the feel of medicine “the way it used to be”, while also offering all of the modern conveniences to make communication easier.

We are excited to offer primary care to Core Healthcare members and can’t wait to meet you!