Physio Forge Physical Therapy now offers individualized strength and conditioning services to CoreCare Co-Op members at a discount.


Have you ever said to yourself, “I’d like to get into shape, but I don’t know where to start”?

If so, you’re not alone. It’s a question I hear from patients on a weekly basis. Maybe they were previously active or even an athlete before an injury sidelined them. Or, perhaps the idea of fitness and health had never been a priority but now they want to climb that mountain or fit in those jeans.

Whatever the scenario, there are many roads leading to “de-trained” and “de-conditioned”, but the toll on your body is the same. Aside from obvious health consequences, a loss of fitness causes a loss of resilience, and with that a waning ability to avoid overuse injuries.

Seeing this play out in the clinic, I soon started asking myself, “Why am I waiting until people are injured to have a conversation about fitness?”

That is precisely why Physio Forge is a fitness forward physical therapy practice.
Our goal will always be to provide excellent physical therapy, but we also want to help people get fit, healthy, and stay resilient. To be clear, this means we want to see folks just like you, before they are hurt or think they need to go to PT.

This has created what we feel is a completely different style of strength and conditioning. We approach fitness through the lens of an experienced clinician that understands the demands on your body. We’re objective in our approach and benchmark your progress along the way. There’s no ‘guessing’ if the plan is working.

We are also able coach clients remotely through an interactive app and in person for one-on-one sessions. This flexibility means we are able to meet you where you’re at, whatever your goal may be.

Why? Because we want to see patients, clients, and co-op members living their best life. We fundamentally believe fitness is the medium to do that.

So if being healthier, fitter, and feeling better is something you still want, the part about ‘not knowing where to start’ is covered…we’ve got you!